What is our goal?

To ensure the way we operate aligns with the needs of the community. 

Where are we now?


We are are achieving this, but still have work to do.

Recent updates

18 Jul 2023

Kicking off in September 2022, we have undergone an extensive stakeholder engagement process to examine our current brand as well as to better understand our customers, clients, foster carers, adopters, supporters and our staff, their thoughts and needs. Consultation was through an extensive online survey, one to one interviews and stakeholder workshops. We will use the findings ongoing to review and improve how we engage with the animal-loving community and provide our animal welfare, health and wellbeing services.

Broad community consultation will be an important area of focus for us. 

Where do we need to be?

Confident that we are meeting (realistic) community expectations on the key areas of animal welfare relevant to our core purpose of reuniting or finding homes for lost and abandoned animals.

How will we advance?

  • Use social media and other communication channels to regularly consult with pet-loving communities in Victoria.
  • Develop a comprehensive stakeholder management plan that facilitates regular two-way conversations with our key stakeholders.
  • Take on board feedback, suggestions, praise, and constructive criticism to make sure we are in step with and meeting community expectations.